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Meditation is simply a  journey inward, exposing the seeker to a new state of awareness.  One experiences a deep sense of peace and satisfaction.  This is made possible through tapping into our own inner energy (Kindalini)

Classes are ongoing and free of charge and will equip the practitioner with the knowledge needed to maintain a stress-free and purpose filled lifestyle.

We offer you a variety of ways to achieve this new dimension of being through our workshops, and treatments.

To achieve and sustain total wellness, Life Balance encourages you to combine   our free meditation with other classes.  



Pilates uses exercises to develop core and muscle strength developing better torso stability.  It  also  has its uses in pain management.


A strong  body core combined with  the practice of  our free  meditation and  the knowledge gained from our wellness workshops, total integration is achievable.  


Yoga helps in relaxation of the body by using different postures.  Unlike other yoga classes, postures are selected based on the needs and state of the practitioner. 


If you are not taking our free meditation classes to determine your state,  traditional Yoga classes are  available.


Life balance is achieved using our  integrated approach of Body, mind & soul


Tai-chi  employs a series of graceful movements to achieve balance and coordination. 


This regulates the flow of energies within the mind & body thereby allowing for rejuvenation.


When combined with the practice of our free meditation and wellness workshops, Life Balance is achievable. 


Inspirational  Zumba is exercising the body through  physical movements with  non offensive music.   


Our music is generally instrumental, with beats that moves the soul.


All  religions are respected.


We encourage you to combine Zumba with other classes  we offer to achieve total wellness and Life Balance.

Wellness Workshops

All of our workshops, events and programs are to promote wellness of the Body, Mind and Soul.


To bring awareness to our individual self, taking the journey to evolve toward collective consciousness and achieving Life Balance

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